Arizona Navel Oranges – 20 lbs

Arizona Navel Oranges – 20 lbs

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Hand-picked right off the tree, our Arizona oranges are famous for being the best oranges money can buy, and you’ll be able to tell the difference the moment you bite into one. What makes our citrus so great? We only ship our citrus in season, which means that fresh oranges are delivered to your door that were previously sitting on a tree in sunny Arizona just a few days before. So whether you’re ordering a healthy treat for yourself, or one of many great holiday gifts for a well-deserving recipient on your list, Arizona Orange Company’s fresh Navel Oranges are a gift that’s sure to please.

This 20 lb. crate contains approximately 2-dozen Navel Oranges; it is available for delivery from December through March. Please note: Our Arizona-grown Navel Oranges are seedless oranges.

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