Arizona “Sweets” Oranges

Arizona “Sweets” Oranges

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Arizona Sweets are designed to be a sweet, orange flavor. They are smaller than navels and contain seeds. This fruit was picked on Saturday Feb 4 and will ship ASAP. Please check the box to let us know that you’ve read over the details about Arizona Sweets.


Arizona Orange Co sponsored the Mesa Marathon held on Feb 3-4 of 2023. We were delighted to provide fresh citrus to marathon runners and racers! We had some fruit left over and we are offering this fruit for sale to our valued customers at a big discount. We don’t want this fruit to go to waste!

Arizona “Sweets” are wonderful oranges that delight tastebuds with a citrus and sweet flavor unique to this variety. These oranges are a little bit smaller than navel oranges and are great for juicing or eating. You can also use them for cooking or healthy snacks. Arizona Sweets generally have a few more seeds than the navel variety and often have more “sweet” than citrus flavor. They are easy to peel and great to eat.

A 10 lb. crate of our Arizona Sweets Oranges contains approximately 12-15 pieces of fresh citrus fruit. We ship our freshly picked citrus from December through the end of the Arizona citrus season (usually February or March).

When you buy oranges online from Arizona Orange Company, we pick, pack and ship your order in a matter of days. This means that when your gift box of oranges arrive at their destination, they are fresh and ready to be enjoyed, freshly picked from an orange tree in sunny Arizona. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, which means that when you send oranges from Arizona Orange Company, we guarantee that you’ll absolutely love them, or we’ll buy them back from you!

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