Holiday Card or Christmas Card with Personal Message

Holiday Card or Christmas Card with Personal Message

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Hand Written Message. Details of this product are listed below. The image of the card displayed may differ from the actual card sent. Please add Personal Message to the comments section of your order.


Citrus from Arizona Orange Co makes a great gift for friends and family or corporate associates. Our customers often desire a personalized message to go along with our delicious fruit delivery. Purchasing this card is a great way to add an additional touch to your gift. Because Mother Nature doesn’t always deliver the freshest fruit on time, these cards can also be delivered before a given date to alert your loved one that a gift will be arriving a little late. For example, if the optimal citrus won’t be around until after Christmas, you can purchase the card with your order and have the card sent immediately so that it arrives before Christmas. Once the fruit is at an optimal ripeness, we will ship the gift.

The Messages are Hand Written

These personalized cards can be delivered in two ways:
1. Deliver the card with the fruit, regardless of the timing of delivery.
2. Deliver the card before a certain date (before Christmas) as a reminder that the freshest fruit will arrive at a later date.

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